Partner/Mentor achieves 108% profit over 2 months

January 7, 2015 by

Sachin Shah, Partner and mentor at Savi Trading has achieved a profit of around 108% (c. £216,000) on his Live Trading account which was started with a balance of £200,000.

Sachin explained “Volatility has come back into global markets, with the markets trading very well. The main point to note is that levels are being respected, therefore building a good view whilst applying Risk Management will help to be very profitable.”

To see a detailed statement of his trades, please click here, with his account performance at the bottom of the page which opens up. Here is a chart of the performance:


Sachin presents Level 1 as part of the master’s programme as well as mentoring other traders on the trading floor/remotely. During Level 1 Sachin will go through the important concepts needed to trade in a profitable manner including methods he also uses. He will also go through his trades to give you an idea on his thought process. The next Level 1 course begins on 12th January 2015. For more information on how you can register, please contact Savi Trading on 0207 618 0982 or email