Morning Update – 27/01/2017 – by Arjun Lakhanpal

January 27, 2017 by savi-admin Morning all.. Wall St had a very quiet session and closed around unchanged on the day but the Nikkei extended gains, rising 0.34% on the back of a decent rally in USDJPY, which also extended gains in Asia, trading as high as 115.24 and is on the highs now as Europe walks in. China now… View Article

Afternoon Market Update – 26/01/2017 – by Jazz Singh

January 26, 2017 by savi-admin Stocks have extended their rally from yesterday’s session as a risk on sentiment persists among investors. This follows the long anticipated 20,000 level being reached on the Dow Jones at yesterday’s US cash open. The risk on mood is reflected in the dollar, which has gained some 0.5 percent against its major counterparts. Cable has… View Article

Morning Update – 26/01/2017 – by Arjun Lakhanpal

January 26, 2017 by savi-admin Morning all.. Wall St had a very strong session with the Dow opening above 20k for the first time and extending gains to 0.8% on the day. This helped the Nikkei rally a further 1.8% which was impressive considering the lackluster performance in USDJPY which failed on a couple of occasions to break 114.00, even… View Article

Morning Update – 25/01/2017 – by Arjun Lakhanpal

January 25, 2017 by savi-admin Morning all..Wall St saw the S&P close at a record high rising 0.66% as Trump administration starts talking infra-structure spending..The Nikkei rallied on the back of this and the rise in USDJPY and closed up 1.4% but some concerns on the dollar as trump also is talking about the Wall in Mexico again. NYT sources:… View Article

Afternoon Market Update – 24/01/2017 – by Jazz Singh

January 24, 2017 by savi-admin The big news this morning was the Supreme Court’s ruling that PM May must have the approval of Parliament before invoking Article 50. However, the judges ruled that legislatures in Scotland and Northern Ireland will not be able to vote on the timing of Article 50.  It was this point that led to a sell… View Article