Morning Update – 18/05/2018 – by Arjun Lakhanpal

May 18, 2018 Morning all.. Wall St had a mixed but quiet session but gave up early gains to finish down marginally. However, the Nikkei managed to eek out a small gain of 0.38% on the back of further JPY weakness. Asian shares traded mixed Friday, remaining on track for a weekly loss as investors mulled the implications… View Article

Morning Update – 17/05/2018 – by Arjun Lakhanpal

May 17, 2018 Morning all.. Wall St bounced and the S&P finished up 0.4% in a quiet session and in Asia the Nikkei finished up 0.53% helped by a weaker JPY. Italian bonds were the big story yesterday which fell on the new coalition leaked documents suggesting plans to add a clause that would allow a vote in… View Article

Morning Update – 16/05/2018 – by Arjun Lakhanpal

May 16, 2018 Morning all…Wall St had a rather weak and nervous session with the S&P closing down 0.68% and the NASDAQ down 0.8% as concerns over weakness in the emerging markets spread and US yields spiked above 3.05%. US 10yr remains elevated at 3.07% and Asian stocks were soft with the Nikkei closing down 0.34% even though… View Article

Morning Update – 15/05/2018 – by Arjun Lakhanpal

May 15, 2018 Morning all.. Wall St had a quiet session but gave up some gains after a solid start. The S&P closed up 0.09% and it was also a quiet session in Asia with the Nikkei closing down 0.2%… Oil edged higher and forex movements were limited for most of the session. The 10-year Treasury yield climbed… View Article

Morning Market Update – 14/05/2018 – by Arjun Lakhanpal

May 14, 2018 Morning all.. A very quiet finish to the week on wall St with the S&P closing marginally in the green. The Nikkei managed to fare a little better closing up 0.47% and this has taken US futures back up this morning. FX markets have been very quiet but US yields are a little lower. Italy’s… View Article